react-bootstrap-date-time-picker is built on react-bootstrap and moment, so make sure that you have react-bootstrap and moment in your modules.  Lets see some code.


npm install react-bootstrap-date-time-picker --save


import DateTimePicker from 'react-bootstrap-date-time-picker';

Main Features

  • Can be used as simple date picker
  • Can be used as simple time picker
  • Can be used as simple date-time picker
  • Calendar placement
  • Restricting date-time range


Here are some important properties of DateTimePicker
  1.   defaultValue - string - default input value
  2.   value - string - input value
  3.   onChange - callback function on change of input value
  4.   onClear - callback function on clear of input value
  5.   onBlur - callback function on blur of input
  6.   onFocus - callback function on focus of input
  7.   autoFocus - bool - setting focus automatically
  8.   disabled - bool - disabling input value
  9.   showClearButton - bool - showing clear button
  10.   calendarPlacement - string - calendar placement, ex: "top", "bottom"
  11.   dateFormat - string- input format, ex: "MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm:ss"
  12.   showTodayButton - bool - showing To Day button calendar ,
  13.   todayButtonLabel - string - To Day button text
  14.   from - Date - lowest possible date for selection
  15.   to - Date - highest possible date for selection
  16.   calendarOnly - bool - If you want to display as only calendar
  17.   timeOnly - bool - If you want to display as only time

Limit Range

The default range is 20 years (10 years back from current date to 10 years after from current date). You can give your own range by passing from and to values. Observe below code 
 from={new Date("2017-03-15T14:28:06+05:30")} 
 to={new Date("2017-03-30T14:28:06+05:30")} 

Date Format

Here this library uses momentjs for formatting the date string, So just follow the same formate specifications. Here are some useful formats
  1. DD/MM/YYYY - It will show just date
  2. DD/MM/YYYY HH:mm:ss - It will show date and time 24 hours format
  3. DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm:ss A - It will show date and time 12 hours format
You can follow your own customised date formats based on momentjs
 dateFormat="DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm:ss A"

Display Calendar only 

Use calendarOnly property to display calendar only and hiding time

Display Time Only

Use timeOnly property to display time only

Show or hide clear button

Use showClearButton property to display or hide clear button. Here if you should pass dateFormat, from and to


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