Do you think that facebook, twitter, linkedin are designed to make people addict ?, Then you have to read this article. The most popular social networking sites are following people's habit. It is not concept, it is people's habit

Facebook :

Facebook is for friends. Facebook provides an opportunity  to connect with friends. Before facebook, how people shares their photos with their friends ?, through albums. After facebook, people started sharing their photos and their status online. 

Twitter :

Twitter is to know about the people who you like. People want know what celebrities doing and they started following actors and celebrities on twitter. Twitter was designed based on follow habit of people.

Linkedin :

Linkedin is professional network. Employers, Job seekers, Companies are on Linkedin. It encourages the habit of meeting professionals, getting contacts for new jobs, sharing resume to companies, recruiting professionals .

Whatsapp :

This encourages people's habit of messaging.

Every website or app has some unique purpose. 

Do you want to create one website or app ? 

What is your website purpose ?
Which people's habit it encourage ?



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