You can share GIF images by using URL directly, but its not possible to share blog post with GIF preview on facebook. Here I will give a trick to share GIF image from your blog post on facebook.
Lets take an example.

GIF image

Observe below GIF Image. This GIF image cannot be shared on facebook by sharing this article. We should provide another preview image for this GIF image. 

Providing Preview Image

Click here to create Facebook Style GIF Preview Image - Online. Download the image as shown in that tool and upload to your blog post.

When you share this article on facebook, you will see above preview image. User thinks it is GIF image, once user clicks on it it will redirect to your blog.

Sharing through page

If you are sharing blog posts through Facebook page, you can directly upload preview image over there. 
Click on plus icon and upload above GIF preview image.  


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