I just went to google trends and just compared these three JS libraries and the results are stunning. AngularJS and ReactJS gaining momentum over jQuery. When is the last time you worked on jQuery ?. I worked on jQuery project almost 2 years back. From last 2 years, I am working with Angular and React.

Google Trends

Google trends comparison among AngularJS, React, jQuery

Reddit Subscribers

Reddit is similar minded peoples network. Lets see how many subscribers for each JS framework (library)
Angular2 - 5798 subscribers
AngularJS - 18,187 subscribers
ReactJS - 16,380 subscribers
jQuery - 15,320 subscribers
ReactJS and AngularJS are having more followers than jQuery.

Why jQuery losing ?

Now trend is moving towards single page web applications, hybrid apps. jQuery is not good for both. AngularJS and ReactJS gives good performance for  single page web applications, hybrid apps. Building feature in jQuery really takes more time than building in React or Angular. 
For example, take scenario Search JSON Data functionality. I have implemented this functionality in both jQuery and AngularJS
In both examples, lines of jQuery code is almost 3 times more than Angular code. Its clear that it will eat developers time. 


Its better invest some time in learning ReactJS and AngularJS. jQuery always great. After learning javascript, its better to learn jQuery then learn Angular and React. Front-end developer with React and Angular experience adds much value to resume. 


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  2. When is the last time you worked on jQuery.I worked on jQuery project almost 2 years back. From last 2 years, I am working with Angular and React.

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