Write a function to find the longest common prefix string amongst an array of strings.


Input strings : ['actor', 'acting', 'action']
Output : 'act'

JavaScript Code

function longestCommonPrefix(strs) {
    if(strs == null || strs.length == 0)
        return "";
    var minLen=999999999;
    for(var i=0;i<strs.length;i++){
        var str = strs[i];
        if(minLen > str.length)
            minLen = str.length;
    if(minLen == 0) return "";
    for(var j=0; j<minLen; j++){
        var prev='0';
        for(var i=0; i<strs.length ;i++){
            if(i==0) {
                prev = strs[i].charAt(j);
            if(strs[i].charAt(j) != prev){
                return strs[i].substring(0, j);
    return strs[0].substring(0,minLen);
console.log(longestCommonPrefix(['action', 'actor','active']));

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