In this article, I am going explain the simple way to make GUI with Eclipse editor. Eclipse have some wonderful plugins to decrease GUI coders effort. You need to install WindowBuilder plugin with some toolkits.

Install plugin

Goto Menu > Help > Install New Software > Click on 'Work with' drop down and select appropriate URL based on your eclipse version

example :

Helios -
Indigo -
Juno -
Kepler -

Now Eclipse will filter all plugins under this release. Expand 'General Purpose Tools'. Select all WindowBuilder items and Swing Designer and SWT items. Cick on finish.

These plugins will be installed.

Create New Application Window java  class file

Create new project and create new package.
Right click on that package > New Other > Select Application Window under Swing Designer > Click Next and give some name > Click Finish

Working with GUI components

Open the created Java file
Switch it to design view
There you can see lot of GUI components ready to use. If you want to add any component, just select that and add it to present panel.
You can generated event handlers functions by right clicking on components >Add Event Handler > required action



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