Recently I worked with Eclipse plugin development. While I tried run Ecipse plugin project, I got "PermGen space - OutOfMemory Error". I just googled and read some online resources and solved that problem.

Why this Error

Whenever we tried to run the plugin project, Ecipse will open new Eclipse with new work-space. This new work-space will run on new JVM. Generally this JVM memory space is 64mb. This memory is not sufficient to run Eclipse. This is why it throws "PermGen space - OutOfMemory Error".
To avoid this exception, we need to increase PermGen space.

Increase in PermGen Space

Go to Eclipse menu bar and click on
Window > Preferences > Java > Installed JREs > Select the JDK > Edit >
Enter "-XX:MaxPermSize=256m" in "Default VM Arguments" field.
Now the JVM to run Eclipse plugin will have 256MB memory. It is sufficient to run Eclipse. If 256m is not sufficient then make it as 512m.

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