Google App Engine no longer supports Java 6 apps. Everybody has to upgrade their apps to JAVA 7.
I did some experiments finally I was succeeded.  Just follow the below steps for Windows to upgrade your apps.

Install JDK 7 :

  • Download suitable JDK from here
  • Install the JDK
  • Open command prompt and check java version with command java -version 
  • If the java version is not 7.x.x then follow the below steps
  • Right click on my computer > Click on Properties > Click on Advanced > Click on Environment Variables
  • In the System variables list, Select Path  variable. Remove old JDK folder and Add new JDK path folder to Path variable.

Install Google plugin for Eclipse in New Eclipse

Open new eclipse and Install Google plugin in Eclipse. Find instructions here.

Set Eclipse Preferences to JDK7

  • Go to Window > Preferences > Java > Compiler
  • Set Compiler compliance level to 1.7
Now replicate all Google app engine apps in new Eclipse workspace. Now you can deploy your application to App Engine.

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