In this article, I concentrated on professional blogs ( Blogs related to your work or programming or passion ).

Why to write blogs : 

Blogs are the best platform to express our passion and our ideas. The great entrepreneur  are great bloggers. If you start blogging with passion in some particular area of knowledge then it will increase your command on that area. 
Example : You have written one article on your your favorite programming language JAVA. If any one read your article then that person might suggest some methods to improve your coding or your way of programming. By this way your knowledge will get increased.

Blogger types :

Three types of bloggers are there
  1. One who invent things . ( Very successful blogger )
  2. One who present things understandable ( Good blogger ) 
  3. One who copies content from other blogs.
Here First two types are going be successful bloggers. Don't try to be third type, it will give you nothing.

Select Suitable Blogging Platform :

What type of blog you want to write ?
  1.  Blogger : If you want to write articles on your area of knowledge and planning to earn 
       money from AdSense. (Google adsense was directly integrated with blogger) 
  2.  Wordpress : If you are planning hosting website in future then you can go for Wordpress
  3.  Tumblr : If your blog is about photography then you can go for Tumblr

Making Profit :

You can make profits by displaying ads on your blog. Initially don't concentrate on the ads. As per my suggestion avoid first year of your blogging with ads. Initial earnings will make you greed and it will destroy your passion.

Blogging is 2 types

1.  General blogging (Blogger, Wordpress, Tumbler)
     You are the content owner here,
     Make your blog famous by using microblogging (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, quora, dzone..etc)
2.  Micro-blogging (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, quora, dzone..etc)
     You are not content owner of your content.
      Don't write any articles in Micro-blogging sites because you wont own your content. Share your article through micro-blogging 

Create Your Identity :

Blogs will give a great identity. Link your facebook and twitter accounts from your blogs, If people likes your work then they will follow you on social networking sites. Your blogs will make you popular. 

Customize Your Blog :

Your blog must have good look and feel and it must specify your idea of blogging. I have created my blog and customized it on Your can customize your blog with predefined templates provided by blogger. Here i am concentrating on editing blogger html code.

Remove Navigation Bar :

Click on Template > Edit HML > Jump to widget > NavBar. Then remove the navigation bar code.
The navigation bar code will be like this.
<b:section class='navbar' id='navbar' maxwidgets='1' showaddelement='no'>
<b:widget id='Navbar1' locked='true' title='Navbar' type='Navbar'>

External blogger templates :

You can have your own blogger templates. Copy code from your template and paste it here. You can get good blogger templates from and some other sites like  Choose good template for your needs. Copy the blogger template code and paste here.

Run your blog on custom domain :

If your have your own domain you can link sub domain or main domain to blogger. For sub domain linking you need to create cname entry in your domain and link it blogger as per instructions.

Best of luck for your blogging career 


  1. I followed the steps, and this is the website i have built -, thumbs up author.



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